Other Services

You maybe unsure as to whether the procedures you already have in place are actually up to date with the current legislation.

This is where we can help you, we can undertake a simple audit and give you advice as to where you are going RIGHT and where you are going WRONG.

You are under no obligation to us and we have no lengthy expensive tie in contracts.

Having the right documentation in place can protect you, the employer, from any employee claims and possible legal action as well as any unexpected visits from the HSE or Fire officer whom we will liaise with on your behalf, whilst also reducing the risk of accidents within the workplace therefore protecting your employees, ensuring they have the necessary guidance to deal with their working environment.

We enjoy getting to know your business and employees, working as a team to ensure all daily activities are completed efficiently and safely.

Other specialised services that we can offer include:

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Waste Management
  • HR Assistance and policies
  • Marine Advice with special reference to Humber Ports

Dangerous Goods

DDR Consultants hold DGSA vocational training certificates for all classes in road mode and have experience and knowledge for sea transport (ADR & IMDG). We can assist businesses in the legal provisional of a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor role through to providing bespoke training on all aspects of dangerous goods as required under the legislation.

Waste Management

DDR Consultants can assist and review your waste management arrangements to ensure that your company is compliant with legislation with regards your waste processes but more importantly minimise the cost of disposal of your waste or more importantly get paid for some of the waste your company produces.

HR Assistance and Policies

DDR Consultants can provide HR assistance to small businesses to ensure your company are following current legislation from company policies through to disciplinary procedures and job descriptions to ensure that the company does not end up in a situation where you are taken to an employment tribunal.

Marine Advice

DDR Consultants have strong links to the Humber Ports and can provide assistance to companies looking for advice on the types of operations available on the Humber through to more detailed specific port advice and links including a number of freight operators to ensure you get the best quotation for cargo operations.