Paediatric First Aid

The aim of first aid to provide immediate assistance in medical situations that either completely resolve the issue or prevent further injury or loss of life until professional medical assistance is in place.

This course will teach you the theoretical knowledge, skills and build your confidence to allow you to deal with pediatric first aid situations. We’ll cover key topics including emergency planning, assessing a situation, basic life support, CPR, shock, fractures, bleeding and number of minor injuries and illnesses

This course provides theoretical knowledge only and is not considered enough to be competent in the field of paediatric first aid. This course is recommended before undertaking practical learning, but a practical demonstration is required in order to complete this training. Please contact us to arrange this.

What are the benefits of this course?

This course is recognised by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Did you know?
  • 4.3m people are employed in the health & social sector in 20191
  • In 2013, 150.6 billion was spent on public and private healthcare2
  • Over 112,000 people are employed directly by local authorities in health & social sector3

Course Modules

Module Module Name Pass %
1 Introduction to Paediatric First Aid
2 Planning and Preparation
3 Essential First Aid Knowledge and Skills
4 Basic Life Support
5 Fractures and Head Injuries
6 Shock, Bleeding and Dressing Wounds
7 Specific Medical Conditions
8 Minor Injuries
9 Major Injuries


115 minutes

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