Nutrition and Hydration

As an individual or member of team that’s responsible for managing and meeting a service users nutrition and hydration requirements, it is essential that you understand the terminology used, and consequences of not meeting their needs.

This course will introduce the terminology used when talking about nutrition and hydration. We’ll look at eating a healthy diet and the basic elements or nutrition, identifying why vulnerable people might suffer dehydration, the tools used to identify those at risk of malnutrition, and the steps you take to deal with this condition.

What are the benefits of this course?

This course is recognised by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Did you know?
  • 4.3m people are employed in the health & social sector in 20191
  • In 2013, 150.6 billion was spent on public and private healthcare2
  • Over 112,000 people are employed directly by local authorities in health & social sector3

Course Modules

Module Module Name Pass %
1 The Course Structure
2 Defining the Terms
3 The Eatwell Plate
4 Hydration
5 Through-life Nutrition
6 Malnutrition and Overnutrition
7 The ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’


65 minutes

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