EPS Pipeworks Recommend DDR Consultants

EPS Pipeworks Ltd, a specialist pipework contractor located in Hull, have chosen to work closely with DDR Consultants after their in-house health and safety manager left the business.

Emily Sheard, Office Manager for EPS Pipeworks Ltd, had this to say:
“Darran’s attention to detail and clarity on what is required has been really beneficial to us and brought us up to speed in a timely and professional manner.”

Health and Safety Services Provided:

  • Annual health and safety reviews
  • Risk Assessments
  • Assistance with industry certifications

Due to the nature of how EPS Pipeworks operates, assessments and paperwork must be resolved in a timely manner and to a high standard. DDR Consultants worked with EPS staff members to ensure deadlines are met and documentation is clear, concise and actionable.

This level of cooperation and understanding between the two businesses has resulted in EPS Pipeworks achieving all of their relevant industry certifications that allow them to work with a broad range of clients.

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